Ladies, are you fed up with your hanger string exposure ?

Hanger String Hide accessory is

fitted in 3 easy steps.

Having to tuck the hanger string around your bra strap to stop the exposure, only for the hanger string to wriggle its way out?

The Hanger String Hide accessory can be fitted in almost any garment: dresses, tops, skirts, trousers and jumpers. Just about any item that has a hanger string attached.

You need the Hanger String Hide accessory, to wear

your clothes with confidence.

When not wearing your garment, simply unhook your hanger string from the accessory that you have already stitched in.

Hanger String Hide




Flexible accessory available in pairs of either

black or neutral.


Only needle and thread required .



Will not show under clothing.

Be free of hanger string exposure in 3 easy steps.



The accessory position on the models shown are for illustration purposes only.


Hanger String Hide accessory

is designed to fit along the seam of a garment or as close to the seam of the garment as possible.

This is revolutionary.

Nothing else like this

on the market.


 EU Registered

Made in  the UK  By Hanger String Hide Ltd


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Accessories enlarged for illustration purposes only

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However, please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

Bulk orders, please enquire.


Not suitable for children  under 3 years

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Normally £5.99 per pair incl P&P

Purchase now for the introductory price of

£3.95 per pair incl P&P